Latest Artwork, July, 2021

Mediterranean Landscape 1 (after Picasso)
Mediterranean Landscape 1 (after Picasso), Oil on Deep Canvas, 18 x 14 inches
Mediterranean Landscape 2 (after Picasso)
Mediterranean Landscape 2 (after Picasso), Oil on Deep Canvas, 18 x 14 inches
Audrey HennessyAudrey is a self taught artist based in Dublin and has been drawing since she was a child. She started painting in 1996 and her work focused on the ma
Erriff River near Leenane Connemara
Erriff River near Leenane Connemara, Oil on canvas, 24 x 18 inches
Turf Cutting in Maam Valley Connemara
Turf Cutting in Maam Valley Connemara, Oil on canvas, 10 x 12 inches
Eileen MeagherMy paintings depict a land devoid of urbanisation, a land which has remained untouched for generations, renewing itself with the cycles of the seasons.
Mountain Cottage,Carnlough,County Antrim,(ref photo WA Green Collection,NMNI)
Mountain Cottage,Carnlough,County Antrim,(ref photo WA Green Collection,NMNI), Oil and Acrylic on Canvas board, 5 x 7 inches
House of Peter Keenan,Alwories,Co. Tyrone,1951 from a photograph in the National Folklore Collection,UCD
House of Peter Keenan,Alwories,Co. Tyrone,1951 from a photograph in the National Folklore Collection,UCD, Graphite on paper, 8.3 x 11.7 inches
Laura ButlerI am particularly drawn to images where the presence of people, the mark they make on the landscape over time can be felt and I try to depict this in
Bird Watching
Bird Watching, Oil on Board, 48 x 35 cm
Bray Head Hotel
Bray Head Hotel, Oil on board, 48 x 35 cm
Claire BuckleyClaire's oil paintings are a gateway to the heart of Wicklow. She paints in the open air, where her connection to nature becomes integral to the work
Untitled 04
Untitled 04, Oil and Cold Wax on Panel, 15 x 15 cm
Infinite, Oil and Cold Wax on Canvas, 30 x 30 x 4 cm
Derval FreemanI layer upon the drawings with oils and cold wax, refining it as the composition is built upon. I am interested in the way the under drawings dictate the paint.
Evening Sunshine
Evening Sunshine, Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 25 cm (45 x 40 framed)
Cafe Life
Cafe Life, Oil on Board, 18 x 27 cm (33 x 42 framed)
Vincent KillowryThroughout his career in painting he has worked in many genres including Figurative, Portrait, Seascape, Aviation, Railway, Automotive, and Maritime....
Alive, Acrylic on canvas, 8 x 8 inches
Chakra, Acrylic on canvas, 10 x 12 inches
Marta O'LearyMarta does not believe that as an artist she is required to limit herself to one particular form or subject. She perceives art as the extension of human soul which is as deep and as changeable as the sea and the sky.
Wild Horses
Wild Horses, Oils, 20 x 20 inches
Ram, Oils, 20 x 20 inches
Philip Doylefrom Shankill Co Dublin. A self taught Artist, who has worked at Screenprinting.
Sea Sun,Nature
Sea Sun,Nature, Acrylics Plyontanism, 20 x 16 inches
St Declans Well Ardmore,Irish castles
St Declans Well Ardmore,Irish castles, Acrylics Plyontanism, 24 x 20 inches
Mykola Babiya new Irish artist who uses a very unique technique of painting and metal sculpture. I work in the style of 'plyontanism' or close to it - 'paint weaver' or 'paint lace'.
A wee rest in the warm summers breeze
A wee rest in the warm summers breeze, Oil on Canvas Board, 24 x 18 inches
Some Quiet Time
Some Quiet Time, Oil on canvas, 28 x 20 inches
Finbar HayesI work in oils mainly and I would describe my style as impressionist more than fine art and sometimes a little abstract depending my perception of a scene.
Howth Tram
Howth Tram, Oils, 18 x 20 inches
Low Rock Malahide 1
Low Rock Malahide 1, Oils, 10 x 12 inches
Yvonne MoranStarting with the lovely fluidity of watercolour she changed to oils, which is her preferred medium but she dabbles in acrylic from time to time and is currently exploring Chinese watercolour and regularly completes courses on the finer details of art theory.
Blue, Oil on canvas, 28 x 24 inches
Waves, Oil on canvas, 28 x 24 inches
Anne GarveyPainting these three works was great fun. I hope to continue with seascapes, in this large size canvas for the immediate future. I love the sea, whilst also being very aware of it's dangers..
Outside Reading,Acrylic,coloured pencil
Outside Reading,Acrylic,coloured pencil, black pen, 13 x 14 cm
Bather Posing
Bather Posing, Acrylic, 27.5 x 21 cm
Catherine MakemI work mainly in acrylic and oil pastels in a variety of art forms including seascapes, figures and other presentations.
abstract no.2
abstract no.2, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 120 cms
abstract no.1
abstract no.1, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 120 cms
David MerrifieldDavid Merrifield graduated from DIT college of art in 1998 with an honours degree in fine art. He lives and works in Co.Donegal.
Rooftops of Dublin llll
Rooftops of Dublin llll, Oils, 12 x 16 inches
Surfing around street coners
Surfing around street coners, Oils, 20 x 16 inches
Paul O'BrienA Dublin based Artist,working mainly in oils Mostly painting seascapes,landscapes,streetscapes and the odd punk or two.

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