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You want to join New Irish Art, you have decided that it is time to show your work to the audience.

It's a good idea, after all more than 800 artists have already asked us to help in promoting their artwork online.

We advise that you make sure that you have good quality digital images of your work and that you have full descriptions of each piece ready. Title, medium and measurements will be required for each image shown. We will also ask you to provide a short (or long) biographical note for the gallery. In the first instance, we only need the images, jpeg format is best for us and we like images to be no less than 1,000 pixels on their longest side to get the best presentation for you.

The starting point is to send a message USING THIS FORM or the Contact button below.

You must make sure that the artwork you wish to show on New Irish Art is your own, original work.

TIP: Images of famous actors and musicians are usually copyrighted and under the stringent control of the companies and corporations they are/were contracted to. Such images must be accompanied with written permission from the copyright owners. Other examples include (but are not limited to) pictures found in books, magazines or on advertising material or greeting cards. Images of sportsmen and media personalities that may have appeared in a local, a national or an International newspaper are also copyrighted by the publisher and/or the photographer

Publishing such images is illegal without the full, written permission of the copyright owner(s). New Irish Art does not accept responsibility for images submitted that are in such copyrighted status.

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