Aine Cummins,  Dublin and Mayo

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Lubeck, Watercolour, 42 x 29 cm
Walkway, Watercolour, 23 x 14 cm
Yorkshire, Watercolour, 33 x 23 cm
The Pirate Castle
The Pirate Castle, Watercolour, 20 x 14 cm
7 Arch Bridge
7 Arch Bridge, Pencil, 25 x 15 cm
Newport, Arcylic, 24 x 17 cm
Pansies, Pastel, 16 x 13 cm
Growth, Pencil, 17 x 12 cm
Portrait Kevin
Portrait Kevin, Pastel, 13 x 18 cm
Portrait Declan
Portrait Declan, Watercolour, 10 x 13 cm
Stilliness in silence
Stilliness in silence, Graphic Design, 22 x 14 cm
Yellow brick road
Yellow brick road, Graphic Design, 42 x 29 cm

Aine Cummins Art (Download The Catalogue)

Hi, my name is Aine Cummins and I was born in Dublin but moved to County Mayo with my family while in my teenage years finished my schooling and have been living for the past 17 years.

My Grandmother, a great crafter and my aunts and father good with a pencil and paintbrush, I have always thoroughly enjoyed Art and I have been drawing since as long as I could pick up a pencil and excelled in the subject at school. I have done pencil sketches and watercolour painting through self-taught practice and after starting my small family I went back to School and obtained a Degree in Graphic Design which gave me great experience in design and photo manipulation along with new painting techniques, I have exhibited my work in two group exhibitions in County Mayo and I have recently just tried working with acrylics.

I have for a long time only ever viewed my work as a favourite past-time but with giving myself more time to improve my skills, through watercolour, acrylics and any other mediums that cross my interest I hope to showcase my work through depicting some breath-taking views of our beautiful country.