Alan Coulter Northern Ireland artist, Antrim

Titanic Signature Building Belfast
Titanic Signature Building Belfast, Watercolour, A5
Carnlough Harbour
Carnlough Harbour, PenandWash, A5
Carrickfergus Castle and Harbour
Carrickfergus Castle and Harbour, Watercolour, A4 Paper
Dunluce Castle
Dunluce Castle, 5 Minute Pen and Wash, A5
Storm Clouds at Fair Head
Storm Clouds at Fair Head, Watercolour, A4 Paper
Litter Litter
Litter Litter, Watercolour, A4
Admiring Their Handiwork
Admiring Their Handiwork, Watercolour, A4
Rope Bridge Carrick-a-Rede
Rope Bridge Carrick-a-Rede, Watercolour, A4
Fair Head in The Morning
Fair Head in The Morning, Watercolour, A4
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Dunluce Looking North
Dunluce Looking North, Watercolour, A4
Titanic Away
Titanic Away, Watercolour, A4
Dunluce Looking East
Dunluce Looking East, Watercolour, A4
Causeway, Watercolour, A4
The Price of Fish
The Price of Fish, Watercolour, A4
Dunluce Looking North
Dunluce Looking North, Watercolour, A4
Mussenden Temple
Mussenden Temple, Watercolour, A4

Northern Ireland artist Alan Coulter, Antrim

I have always painted and probably always will. I love the many nuances that watercolour possesses and whenever I pick a subject it has to be painted there and then in one visit while everything is still wet and this throws many challenges my way but it is the method I feel gives me the drive and excitement and if painting doesn't excite you why do it.

In the painting, The Price Of Fish, with Fair Head in the background, actually I was going to entitle it 'Not So Fair Head' but the title I chose tells the real underlying story, painting the sea and laying on the different colours and tones was almost like being in the middle of such a malestrom without the danger and as with all my paintings the whole thing took minutes and it was truly exciting slopping blue over green and then blue again and I advise anyone who picks up a brush, even for the first time, try this method of doing 'all' in one go. It will not work for you first time, even second time but you will in the end master it and you'll be a better painter for it and your work will always have a spark of spontanaiety which people will spot and prefer. Get started now! don't wait.

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