My Beautiful Garden
My Beautiful Garden, Oil paints, 16 by 12 inches
The Fox
The Fox, Oil paints, 16 by 12 inches
The Swan
The Swan, Oil paints, 32 by 24 inches
Jewelled Robin
Jewelled Robin, Oil paints, 18 by 24 inches
Daisies, Oil Paints, 10 by 14 inches
Yellow Wildflowers
Yellow Wildflowers, Oil paints, 24 by 18 inches
Little Squirrel
Little Squirrel, Oil paints, 16 by 20 inches
Poppies and Cornflowers
Poppies and Cornflowers, Oil paints, 14 by 18 inches
Lucia, Oil paints, 10 by 14 inches
Fallen Soldiers
Fallen Soldiers, Oil paints, 14 by 18 inches

Artist Alison McIlkenny, Down

I am an artist based in Moira Northern Ireland. I specialise in oil paints and I am constantly learning and maturing as an artist and continue to develop my own unique style. My art is my journey, I am drawn to nature including Wildflowers and animals, I try to capture the essence of my subject in my paintings. I suppose my work is impressionist in style. I love working in oil paints, I sometimes work in other mediums. I have always been creative and spent 10 years working as a jewellery designer/artist before falling back to my first love, drawing and painting.
facebook page: Alison McIlkenny Art @ Alison McIlkenny Art 2016
contact number: 07916442728