Bertrand Huve,  France and Galway

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Asleep In The Valley
Asleep In The Valley, Acrylic on Canvas, 61 x 76 cm
Night Fever
Night Fever, Oil monotype on paper, 31 x 42 cm
Saoule-itude, Oil and chalk monotype on paper, 31 x 42 cm
Dryads, Oil monotype on paper, 31 x 42 cm
Burning, Acrylic on paper, 30 x 44 cm
Rouge Rage
Rouge Rage, Acrylic on paper, 30 x 44 cm
Tree Dance
Tree Dance, Mixed media on paper, 46 x 66 cm
Fiery Dancer
Fiery Dancer, Mixed media on paper, 28 x 43
Three For The Road
Three For The Road, Oil monotype on paper, 66 x 46 cm
Back To The Mirror
Back To The Mirror, Oil monotype on paper, 32 x 35 cm
Cuddles, Oil monotype on paper, 32 x 35 cm
Toutes Les Mm
Toutes Les Mm, Acrylic on paper, 58 x 83 cm

Bertrand Huve Art (Download The Catalogue)

Originally from Brittany, France, I moved to Galway, Ireland, in 2000 and have been playing and teaching music since then. Already interested in the visual Arts, I started painting regularly 10 years ago, as a casual hobby at first, until I realised it was becoming an essential part of my life. I took some private lessons with my very talented friend and artist Ken Hall and went on to study for the Degree of Art and Design in GMIT, which I am just after finishing.

My artwork is my way to explore my feelings, from the happiest ones to the deepest anxieties. Using symbols, I stage the cause and the effect of those emotions and play with them in space and color on paper or canvas until I feel I've built a picture. For the last couple of years, I've grown very interested in the techniques of printmaking, and most of my work has been oil monotypes. I use mainly the oils for my work on canvas too.