Sunburst 1
Sunburst 1, Acrylic, 20 x 20 ins
Sunburst 2
Sunburst 2, Acrylic, 20 x 20 ins
Sunburst 3
Sunburst 3, Acrylic, 20 x 20 ins
Golden Sunset Undergrowth
Golden Sunset Undergrowth, Acrylic, 20 x 90 ins
Dexta 1
Dexta 1, Acrylic, 20 x 20 ins
Fordson Dexta Tessellation
Fordson Dexta Tessellation, Acrylic, 100 x 100 ins
Dexta 2
Dexta 2, Acrylic, 20 x 20 ins
Dexta 3
Dexta 3, Acrylic, 20 x 20 ins
Family, Ceramic, not given
Family, Ceramic, not given
Scratchy, Ceramic, not given
Flat Out (study piece)
Flat Out (study piece), Ceramic, not given
Kathryn's Rabbit
Kathryn's Rabbit, Charcoal, 40 x 50 ins
Sleeping Beagle Study
Sleeping Beagle Study, Pencil, 40 x 50 ins
Coal Tit
Coal Tit, Oil on linen canvas, 20 x 20 ins
Life Source 1
Life Source 1, Pastel on pastel paper, 30 x 40 ins
Life Source 2
Life Source 2, Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 40 ins
Waiting for Mum
Waiting for Mum, Oil on canvas board, 20 x 20 ins
Bowler's Hare
Bowler's Hare, Oil on canvas board, 30 x 30 ins
Blue Tit
Blue Tit, Oil on canvas board, 20 x 20 ins
Poppy Undergrowth
Poppy Undergrowth, Acrylic, 40 x 60 ins
Sunburst, Acrylic, 30 x 30 ins
Nosey Cow
Nosey Cow, Acrylic, 21.5 in x 25.5 ins
Scooby, Pastel, 12 x 9 ins
I can see you.
I can see you., Acrylic (source Damhof Photography), 30 in x 20 ins
Rambo, Mixed media, 18 x 10 ins
Poppy explosion
Poppy explosion, Acrylic, 21.5 x 25.5 ins
Summer burst
Summer burst, Acrylic, 10 x 10 ins
Jasper, Acrylic ( source Damhof Photography), 25.5 x 21.5 ins
Clare Nude Study I
Clare Nude Study I, Charcoal, 24 x 21 ins

Brenda Snowden, Down, Irish Artist

Based in rural Co Down with a background in ecology and a strong love of nature this has inspired Brenda's paintings of animals and flowers,skyscapes. Along with a use of strong colours and thick textured paintworking her work range from an abstract style to more classical as part of her learning journey. Her preferred mediums are acrylics, oils and charcoal. Her work has been included in a number of group exhibitions and she is currently working towards her first solo exhibition next year.