Celia Carlile,  Cork

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The Magic Flute
The Magic Flute, Acrylic on canvas, 46 X 61cm
Illustration, Computer, 21 X 21cm
Waiting for Santa
Waiting for Santa, Computer, 44 X 27cm
Water Music
Water Music, Acrylic on canvas, 45 X 60cm
Rudi, Acrylic on canvas, 50 X 80cm
Romance, Acrylic on canvas, 75 X 125cm
Growing Boy
Growing Boy, Acrylic on canvas, 40 X 50cm
Freddie, Watercolour, 20 X 58cm
The Slimy Slug page 5
The Slimy Slug page 5, Computer, 22 X 23cm
The Slimy Slug ( cover design )
The Slimy Slug ( cover design ), Computer, 22 X 23cm
The Slimy Slug pages 7 and 8
The Slimy Slug pages 7 and 8, Computer, 44 X 23cm
The Slimy Slug pages 15 and 16
The Slimy Slug pages 15 and 16, Computer, 44 X 23cm

Celia Carlile Art (Download The Catalogue)

Celia Carlile, artist and illustrator. Fermoy, Co. Cork.

Celia studied in Mary Immaculate College of Education, Limerick. She took art as her elective subject and was awarded first place in art in her final exams. As a primary school teacher, Celia's artistic talent has been put to good use in fostering art with her students, many of whom have gone on to pursue artistic careers. In 2011 Celia completed a diploma in illustration with the London Art College. She was runner - up in 'The Agnes Sloane' illustration competition.

In January 2013 'The Slimy Slug' by Wendy Hesketh and Celia Carlile was published by Hauxwell Publishers. It is available at Amazon.co.uk Celia retired from teaching in 2011 and is now a full time artist and illustrator. Celia paints in all media but is particularly attracted to digital art.