Colin Wood English artist, Cavan and UK

Summer Day's
Summer Day's, Oil on Canvas, 12 x 16 inches
Morning Light
Morning Light, Oil on Canvas, 12 x 16 inches
Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers, Oil on Linen, 16 x 20 inches
Cool River
Cool River, Oil on Canvas, 12 x 26 inches
Walking the dog.
Walking the dog., Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20 inches
Forrest Glow
Forrest Glow, Oil on Canvas, 14 x 18 inches
Autumn Light
Autumn Light, Oil on Canvas, 10 x 14 inches
Summer at last
Summer at last, Oil on Canvas, 12 x 12 inches
Country Life
Country Life, Oil on Canvas, 12 x 16 inches
Lazy River
Lazy River, Oil on Canvas, 12 x 16 inches
Afternoon Delight
Afternoon Delight, Oil on Canvas, 14 x 16 inches
A Walk in the Park.
A Walk in the Park., Oiln on Canvas, 20 x 20 inches

English artist Colin Wood, Cavan and UK

I am a self taught artist working from my home. Originally from Manchester in the UK. Born in 1961. Today I work mostly in oil's, painting local views and landmarks as well as some of the more well known places in Ireland as well as locations farther afield. Dun-a-Ri Forest Park being very popular with local people, in particular the Rabbit Bridge. I also love to paint from imagination with freedom and just let the painting evolve in to being. I also paint murals and welcome commission inquiries.I moved to Ireland in 2005 and I am now based in County Cavan.

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