Debbie Lush,  Dublin

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Lotus Flower
Lotus Flower, Acrylic, 60 x 40cm
Red Poppy III
Red Poppy III, Acrylic, 1.5 x 1mtr
Birds of Paradise and Chameleon
Birds of Paradise and Chameleon, Acrylic, 70 x 50cm
Large Pink Calla Lilly
Large Pink Calla Lilly, Acrylic, 90 x 70cm
Sexy Cerise
Sexy Cerise, Acrylic, 29 x 29 cm
Green Manolo
Green Manolo, Acrylic, 29 x 29cm
Black Louboutin Shoes
Black Louboutin Shoes, Acrylic, 29 x 29cm
Louboutin Purple Panache
Louboutin Purple Panache, Acrylic, 29 x 29cm
Purky Purple Top Hat
Purky Purple Top Hat, Acrylic, 29 x 29cm
Top Hat with Red Bow
Top Hat with Red Bow, Acrylic, 29 x 29cm
Cerise Top Hat
Cerise Top Hat, Acrylic, 29 x 29cm
Saunders The Hunter
Saunders The Hunter, Acyrlic, 70 x 50cm

Debbie Lush Art (Download The Catalogue)

Debbie has been painting and drawing since childhood. She attented a short course of local watercolour classes in her teens which she enjoyed immensely. A couple of years after leaving school she completed a two year interior design and interior architecture course. Drawing played a large role in the course with assignments including perspective, technical and freehand drawing. Although she has spent the last ten years working in interior design and architecture her love of art never left her. Four years ago she decided to go back to the drawing board literally speaking and had her first solo exhibition in autumn of 2008, launching a floral collection. Since then she has developed her contemporary style in more detail and thus painting a new collection of designer shoes which were inspired by the popular tv series Sex and The City and this has proved to be an imense success. Debbie paints in acrylics as she enjoys the vibrancy which can be achieved by using them. She is currently working on private commissions but has already formed the basis of her new collection for 2011. This collection of work will be very different from previous works and perhaps even a little sinister!!!! Her work is currently selling at fine art auctions with Gormley's of Dublin, Omagh and Belfast, Dolan's of Galway and Morgan O'Driscoll of Cork.