Denise McDowell,  Belfast

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Maritime, Box Assemblage, 24x18x5cm
Girl in a Checked Dress
Girl in a Checked Dress, Box Assemblage, 15x10x7cm
Childhood, Box Assemblage, 14x24x5cm
Time for Tea
Time for Tea, Box Assemblage, 21x16x6cm
Sixty-Eight, Box Assemblage, 18x12x3cm
Tempo, Box Assemblage (lid), 10x15x11cm
Tempo, Box Assemblage (base), 10x15x11cm
Time to Escape
Time to Escape, Box Assemblage, 8x15x5cm
Every Meal a Torture
Every Meal a Torture, Box Assemblage, 20x25x8cm
Out on a Limb
Out on a Limb, Box Assemblage, 16x12x4cm
untitled, Box Assemblage, n/n
Time to Forget
Time to Forget, Box Assemblage, 35x21x8cm

Denise McDowell Art (Download The Catalogue)

I am an assemblage artist living in Belfast, Northern Ireland and use boxes as my chosen way to present my ideas. I use new and vintage materials and try to include a little bit of history in each box. My boxes have been exhibited in the Royal Ulster Academy Exhibition in 2010 and 2011 in the Ulster Museum. I also gifted a box based around the Belfast Blitz to the Belfast War Memorial Museum. I am hoping to stage an exhibition in the future but in the meantime enjoy looking at my work on the New Irish Art site. I have a blog on and
A facebook page called Denises Boxes / Denise McDowell Art.