Fifi Smith,  Kildare and Cavan

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Bucharest - The Dream
Bucharest - The Dream, Lightbox with photos and paint, 21cm29cm10cm
Women and War
Women and War, Lightbox xray print and pen, 21cm29cm10cm
Business as Usual
Business as Usual, Lightbox with tissue paper, collage and pencil
Tearless Night III
Tearless Night III, Installation - Projection from a 'machine', 3.0mx4.0mx2.4m
In(ter)dependent, Installation - projection with observer interacting, one complete gallery space
Now and Then
Now and Then, Installation-mixed media lightbox and sand, 1.0mx1.0mx2.2m
Now and Then - detail
Now and Then - detail, Mixed media light and moters, 3.0mx3.0mx3.0m
The Time Capsule
The Time Capsule, Timber room with backlight photographs, 2.8mx2.4mx2.2
The Professor
The Professor, Copper and paper, 2.4mx1.2mx
The Seeker
The Seeker, Patinated steel, 30cmx30cmx1.3m
The Seeker - detail
The Seeker - detail, Patinated steel, 30cmx30cmx1.3m
The Appeal
The Appeal, ceramic, copper patinated steel and wood

Fifi Smith Art (Download The Catalogue)

Fifi Smith is an artist living and working in Celbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

Born in Cavan, and after lots of education, and many adventures, FiFi Smiths' first solo show was in 1998. She has been exhibiting nationally and internationally since then. She creates room sized installations, using kinetic machines, and projections. She also uses bronze, steel, copper, wood, ceramics and mixed media in other works. Aesthetics, composition and form are integral to all of these works.

With these raw material, she explores the tiny transitions of the mind, between thinking and feeling, and between individuality and conformity. In these areas of tension, there are no certainties, and therefore, no absolutes; it is a wonder world of quiet excitement for this artist.