Gary Gould,  Limerick

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A Time to Cry
A Time to Cry, Graphite Pencil and Colour Pencil, not given
The Wasp
The Wasp, Graphite Pencil, A4
Untitled, Graphite and Coloured pencil, A3
Playful Kitten
Playful Kitten, Graphite Pencil, A4
Assranca Waterfall
Assranca Waterfall, Charcoal and Chalk, 4 Feet by 2 feet
Peekaboo, Graphite and Coloured Pencil, not given
Swooping Owl
Swooping Owl, Watercolour, A4
On Reflection
On Reflection, Watercolour, A4
Loughill View
Loughill View, Watercolour, A4

Gary Gould Art (Download The Catalogue)

My name is Gary Gould and I am 45 years old. I live in a small town called Glin in West Limerick, Ireland.

I stumbled into drawing two years ago whilst surfing the internet. I saw a video of how to draw an eye, and have gone on from there. I have no 'Official' training. Everything I know about art, and everything I have learnt about drawing or painting, has come from the internet and practise. I generally do everything in graphite, but will sometimes use charcoal and have also delved into watercolour a little. I have no particular style to what I draw or paint. Usually, an idea will pop into my head, and away I'll go.