Gearoid,  Dublin

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Winter's Dawn
Winter's Dawn, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 34cms
Fallen Fruit
Fallen Fruit, Mixed Media on Board, 77 x 51cms
Freedom, Oil on Board, 48 x 34cms
Reach for the Skies
Reach for the Skies, Oil on Board, 48 x 34cms
Tree of Transformatioin
Tree of Transformatioin, Mixed Media, 122 x 60cms
The Relationship
The Relationship, Mixed Media, 122 x 80cms
2012 A Reflection
2012 A Reflection, Oil on Board, 122 x 60cms (3 Panels)
Dangerous Moonlight
Dangerous Moonlight, Oil On Canvas, 92 x 42cms
Boulevard Cafe
Boulevard Cafe, Oil on Board, 48 x 34cms
Home to Roost
Home to Roost, Oil on Board, 68 x 51cms
Two Sides of Me
Two Sides of Me, Mixed Media on Board, 73 x 68cms
Tree of the Discarded
Tree of the Discarded, Mixed Media, 60 x 60cms
Cast in Stone - Horseman Pass By
Cast in Stone - Horseman Pass By, Oil and Silver Metallic on Canvas, 40x40cms
New Horizons
New Horizons, Metalic and Emulsion on Board, 85x85cms
Anonymity in a Storm
Anonymity in a Storm, Oil and Metallics on Canvas, 40x40cms
Broken Heart
Broken Heart, Metallics and Emulsion on Board, 85x85cms
Sunset on the Meadows
Sunset on the Meadows, Oil on Canvas, 61x39cms
Ode to Victor
Ode to Victor, Oil and Metalics on Canvas, 63x36cms
Transgressions, Oil on Canvas, 90x56cms
Gathering Memories
Gathering Memories, Oil on Canvas, 91x61cms
A Soul Ascends
A Soul Ascends, Oil and Metalic on Canvas, 77x61cms
Weep with the Willow
Weep with the Willow, Oil and Metalics on Canvas, 90x40cms
Exposed, Oil on Canvas, 83x26cms
Foggy Day
Foggy Day, Oil on Canvas, 90x33cms

Gearoid Art (Download The Catalogue)

Gearoid comes form Dublin and has exhibited his work in the city and at the annual Art Exhibition in the RDS for the past few years. The inspiration for his canvasses comes from his travels in African and North America together with his studies of the "Imagination" as expressed in cultural signs and symbols. His combination of oil and metallic paints demands of the viewer a personal engagement