James Quinn,  Dublin

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Tex, Acrylic on PCB
Tex, Acrylic on PCB, Plaster, 33 x 30cm
Putaba, Acrylic on PCB
Putaba, Acrylic on PCB, Emulsions on Newsprint, 47 x 40cm
Urkel, Acrylic on PCB
Urkel, Acrylic on PCB, Canvas, 59 x 37cm
Eternity, Acrylic, PCB
Eternity, Acrylic, PCB, Canvas Board, 44 x 48cm
Alex, PCB, Acrylic, Ripped Canvas
Alex, PCB, Acrylic, Ripped Canvas, Newsprint, 41 x 35 cm
Bechet, Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 54 x 38 cm
Cellular (Detail)
Cellular (Detail), Acrylic on Irregular Canvas Panel, 70 x 50 cm
Cellular 09 (Detail)
Cellular 09 (Detail), Acrylic on Irregular Canvas Panel, 60 x 51 cm
Get Yourself Connected, PCB, Acrylic
Get Yourself Connected, PCB, Acrylic, Sand and PVA, 56 x 58 cm
NetCat, PCB
NetCat, PCB, Acrylic, 57 x 44 cm
Quirk, PCB, Acrylic
Quirk, PCB, Acrylic, Newsprint, 59 x 48 cm
Shibari II
Shibari II, Acrylic on Canvas Board, 91 x 52 cm
Stacked, Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 64 x 62cm
Sweet 'n' Low Down
Sweet 'n' Low Down, Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 55 x 92 cm
Zinaps, PCB, Acrylic, Ripped Canvas
Zinaps, PCB, Acrylic, Ripped Canvas, Paper, 55 x 41 cm
Backup, Mixed Media (PCB, Acrylic, Paper
Backup, Mixed Media (PCB, Acrylic, Paper, Pencil), 67 x 52 cm

James Quinn Art (Download The Catalogue)

James Quinn was born in Dublin in 1963. He majored in sculpture in the College of Marketing and Design, Mountjoy Square. He works with Acrylic and Oils on canvas, and mixed media, including PCBs. The work is probably best classified by the era in which it is produced rather than attributing a 'style' to it. To date he has sold work to many private and corporate collections worldwide.

He has been described as 'an outstandingly innovative artist he is a genuine visionary'.

Website: www.QuinnArt.com