Primula Meadow, Acrylic
Primula Meadow, Acrylic, Inks, 10 x 12 ins
Summer Ambience
Summer Ambience, Acrylics, 10 x 12 ins
Beyond, Acrylics
Beyond, Acrylics, Inks, 8 x 10 ins
Ambleside Dreams
Ambleside Dreams, Mixed Media, 3 x 3 ins
Tapestry, Acrylics, Washes, Mixes
Tapestry, Acrylics, Washes, Mixes, Inks, 7 x 5 ins
Sakura Dreams
Sakura Dreams, Acrylics, 8 x 10 ins
Abundance of Life (Garden Tree), Acrylics
Abundance of Life (Garden Tree), Acrylics, Inks and Mixed Media, 7 x 5 ins

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Jess Elizabeth O'Connell, Dublin and Wicklow, Irish Artist

Acrylic and Mixed Media Artist and Illustrator.

Irish Artist and Illustrator Jess Elizabeth is known for her mixed media floral gardens and meadows, colourful skies, and joyful paintings as well as 'The Littlest Flower Owl and Friends' illustration series.

She loves creating pieces that brings a feel good factor and what she calls 'Sunshine and Happiness' into peoples homes and businesses.

Working on and with a variety of surface mediums including canvas, wood, stone, tiles, embroidery canvas, and paper.

Her art work graces homes and businesses across the globe, including USA, Tenerife, Spain, Canada and Italy, United Kingdom, Scotland.

So far her work has been viewed in a number of select galleries including:
Trygve Lie Gallery New York, NYC.
Walkers Gallery Southport UK.
The Little Green Art Gallery Ireland.
and coming in 2017 at Stratford ArtHouse, Stratford Upon Avon, Uk

Commissions welcome
Facebook: jesselizabethart