Furtive, Watercolour, 90 x 65 cms
Janine, Watercolour, 56 x 43 cms
St Georges Market
St Georges Market, Watercolour, 70 x 55 cms
Hanging washing, Sandy Row
Hanging washing, Sandy Row, Watercolour, 28 x 17 cms
Sophie through the looking glass
Sophie through the looking glass, Oil, 80 x 65 cms
Hugh and Beautt, Moville, Donegal
Hugh and Beautt, Moville, Donegal, Watercolour, 80 x 5t cms
The man from Donegal town.
The man from Donegal town., Watercolour, 85 x 55 cms
Conn Cunningham, Ardara
Conn Cunningham, Ardara, Watercolour, 65 x 48ncms
At the market
At the market, Watercolour, 85 x 55 cms
Hugh McGuiness, Moville, Donegal
Hugh McGuiness, Moville, Donegal, Watercolour, 55 x 45 cms
John Cunningham, Ardara
John Cunningham, Ardara, Watercolour, 55 x 39 cms
Sligo farmer
Sligo farmer, Watercolour, 55 x 40 cms

John Cooney, Antrim, Irish Artist

I paint the people of Ireland. I am interested in real people and their surroundings. These faces are part of the landscape, they are it's wealth and it's character.