Karen Shaw Irish artist, Antrim

Must Go Fishing
Must Go Fishing, Acrylics, 20 x 30 cm
After The Dance
After The Dance, Acrylics, 20 x 30 cm
Gentle Relections
Gentle Relections, Acrylics, 30 x 40 cm
Anticipation, Acrylics, 40 x 30 cm
Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant, Acrylics, 20 x 30 cm
Westie Woof
Westie Woof, Acrylics, 20 x 30 cm
Meow, Blendable Colour Pencils (Mounted), 42 x 39 cm
Young Foal
Young Foal, Blendable Colour Pencils (mounted), 47 x 40 cm
Young Jack
Young Jack, Blendable Colour Pencils (Mounted), 41 x 36 cm
Wary Waxwing
Wary Waxwing, Mixed Colour Pencils and watercolour (framed), 48 x 42 cm
Coucou Monsieur Giraffe
Coucou Monsieur Giraffe, Blendable Colour Pencils (Mounted), 39 x 47 cm
Having a bit of lunch
Having a bit of lunch, Watercolour (mounted), 38 x 38 cm
Roses Trio Attention
Roses Trio Attention, Blendable Colour Pencils (framed), 49 x 46 cm
A bunch o pink
A bunch o pink, Blendable Colour Pencils (framed), 56 x 47 cm
Shoe Crocus Style
Shoe Crocus Style, Blendable Colour Pencils (framed), 45 x 48 cm
Shoe Gladioli Butterfly Style
Shoe Gladioli Butterfly Style, Blendable Colour Pencils (framed), 46 x 41 cm
Shoe Open Lily Style
Shoe Open Lily Style, Blendable Colour Pencils (framed), 55cx 43 cm
Shoe Tulip Style
Shoe Tulip Style, Blendable Colour Pencils (framed), 53 x 46 cm

Irish artist Karen Shaw, Antrim

Thanks for stopping by. I am Karen Shaw and I live on the East Coast of Country Antrim near the historic town of Carrickfergus. I am mainly self-taught and have been drawing since my school days but there was a huge gap while I worked, got married, raised four children and ran my own non-art-related business. We retired to Brittany in 2002 and that is when I started drawing again, using a new to me method of blendable oil based colour pencils. I tend to specialise in these now because they give me a very fine way to create detailed drawings. I draw the 3Fs….flora, fauna and feathers! My husband is a talented amateur photographer and it is he who provides most of the inspiration for my work, by taking close-up photos of my subjects.

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