Katherine Griffiths Irish artist, Cork

The Red Field
The Red Field, acrylic on paper, not given
The Red Barn
The Red Barn, acrylic on paper, not given
The Olive Tree
The Olive Tree, Ink and collage, not given
Lily Pond at Lisselan
Lily Pond at Lisselan, acrylic on paper, 55 x 66.5 cm framed
Violin, watercolour, not given
Tree Tops
Tree Tops, acrylic on canvas, not given
The Bog Cutting
The Bog Cutting, Acrylic, 72 x 62 cm
Tanners Track
Tanners Track, Acrylic, 41 x 41 cm
Spring Morning
Spring Morning, Acrylic, 51 x 62 cm
Spring in West Cork
Spring in West Cork, Acrylic, not given
Sentinel, Acrylic, not given
Over the Ridge
Over the Ridge, Acrylic, 63 x 79 cm
Gallain, Acrylic, 72 x 62 cm
The Yellow Field
The Yellow Field, Acrylic, 46.5 x 35.5 cm
The Road to Lough Guitane
The Road to Lough Guitane, Watercolour, 56.5 x 47 cm
The Two Trees
The Two Trees, Acrylic and Pastel, not given
The Blue House
The Blue House, Watercolour, 45 x 50 cm
Memories of a Summer Past II
Memories of a Summer Past II, Acrylic, 41 x 52 cm

Irish artist Katherine Griffiths, Cork

Award-winning artist and art teacher based in West Cork. A figurative artist, she paints mainly in acrylic whilst also enjoying a variety of other media such as pastel, watercolour and pen and ink. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful, wild and sometimes harsh landscapes of West Cork, she strives to convey within each painting the deep emotional connection she feels towards the place. Having exhibited in Ireland for many years, her work is found in private collections in Ireland and abroad.

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