Ken Smith Irish artist, Waterford

I Sketch Therefore I Am
I Sketch Therefore I Am, Oil on Canvas, 76 x 61 cm
George's Street Waterford
George's Street Waterford, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 50 cm
Morning Sun,The Mall.
Morning Sun,The Mall., Oil on Canvas, 50 x 50 cm
Reflections - The Quay Waterford.
Reflections - The Quay Waterford., Oil on Canvas, 45 x 61 cm
Heatwave number 1
Heatwave number 1, Oil on Canvas, 100 x 40 cm.
Heatwave number 2
Heatwave number 2, Oil on Canvas, 120 x 50 cm
White Caps,Tramore
White Caps,Tramore, Oil on Canvas, 120 x 50 cm
Everybody Needs Good Neighbours
Everybody Needs Good Neighbours, Oil on Canvas, 35 x 60cm
Newtown Cove
Newtown Cove, Tramore, Oil on Canvas
Autumn Waves
Autumn Waves, Oil on Canvas, 45 x 35cm
An Charraig Mhor
An Charraig Mhor, Garrarus, Oil on Canvas
The Timid Pup
The Timid Pup, Oil on Canvas, 25 x 30cm
Le Bichon Frise
Le Bichon Frise, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 50cm
Sizing Europe
Sizing Europe, Oil on Canvas, 76cm x 51cm
Marina at Dawn
Marina at Dawn, Oil on Canvas, 46cm x 61cm
Sunset Waves
Sunset Waves, Oil on Canvas, 51cm x 76cm
Ballyscanlons Miller
Ballyscanlons Miller, Oil on Canvas, 51cm x 76cm
The Avon Tuur
The Avon Tuur, Oil on Canvas, 44cm x 60cm
The Gatekeepers
The Gatekeepers, Oil on Canvas, 51cm x 76cm
Shell #1
Shell #1, Oil on Canvas, 39cm x 29cm
Garrarus, Oil on Canvas, 50cm x 76cm
Lifeguard's Hut
Lifeguard's Hut, Tramore, Oil on Canvas
True Blue
True Blue, Oil on Canvas, 40cm x 40cm
Early Morning Hack
Early Morning Hack, Oil on Canvas, 76cm x 51cm

Irish artist Ken Smith, Waterford

Working primarily in oils, his works feature predominantly marine scenes. Having lived all his life close to the picturesque Copper Coast, Ken is rarely short on inspiration. His local Garrarus and Tramore beaches are amongst his favourite subjects, and his work charts the delicate ecology and rocks of the seashore as well as the rapidly changing rhythms of the sea. Ken�s paintings rejoice in the immediacy and rough charm of the maritime landscape.

In developing his seascapes Ken's considerable skill for pictorial composition and aesthetic balance comes to the fore. He spends many long hours carrying out the demanding groundwork for each piece, walking his favourite coastline and exploring, photographing and sketching his subjects. Light plays a major role in his work, the way it colours and shapes form, the way it can reflect and refract, creating a dazzling bright or a mysterious dark. Each carefully crafted painting captures the elegance and power of the sea, artfully echoing the fragile tranquillity of the seashore and the awesome might of the ocean.


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