Gentle Ben
Gentle Ben, Oil on board, 82 x 66 cm
Cockerel, Oil on board, 485 x 56 cm
In Black
In Black, Oil on board, 82 x 66 cm
Autumn Call
Autumn Call, Oil on canvas, 46 x 51 cm
Blue Swell
Blue Swell, Oil on canvas, 61 51 cm
Distant Light
Distant Light, Oil on board, 20 x 23 cm
The Hook
The Hook, Oil on canvas, 60 x 30 cm
Mid Afternoon
Mid Afternoon, Oil on board, 20 x 25 cm
A Journey Begins 1
A Journey Begins 1, Oil on canvas, 76 x 120 cm
Curracloe, Oil on canvas, 61 x 51 cm
Light the Way
Light the Way, Oil on canvas, 61 x 51 cm
Magenta Sky
Magenta Sky, Oil on board, 20 x 23 cm
Cross Fire 1
Cross Fire 1, Oil on board, 30 x 35 cm

Artist Lar Joyce, Wexford

Lar Joyce is a self-taught artist based in Wexford. His artistic talent was apparent from an early age and growing up in the countryside, he found his inspiration through nature and animals. These are still his favourite subjects. His work in oils and charcoal are now sought after and can be found as part of many art collections across Ireland and in many galleries.

Lar exhibits every year in the Talbot Hotel during the Opera Festival, and had his first exhibition in the Club House Kilkenny for Kilkenny Arts Festival in 2017 after a successful show he will be returning in 2018. Lar will also be exhibiting in Art Source in the RDS in November 2017.