Les Duffy,  Wexford and Dublin

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Off to Sea
Off to Sea, Oils, 12 x 10 ins
Kilmuckridge, Oils, 20 x 14 ins
Pigeon House
Pigeon House, Acrylic, 10 x 8 ins
St Anne's Clocktower
St Anne's Clocktower, Oils, 12 x 10 ins
Fermanagh, Oils, 12 x 10 ins
Running the Beach
Running the Beach, Oils, 12 x 10 ins
Storm, Oils, 12 x 10 ins
Midnight at Sea
Midnight at Sea, Oils, 8 x 8 ins
Poppy, Oils, 10 x 8 ins
Clontarf, Mixed media, 36 x 8 ins
Painters Supper
Painters Supper, Oils, 26 x 20 ins
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean, Oils, 20 x 20 ins

Les Duffy Art (Download The Catalogue)

Les Duffy born at home in Enniscorthy Co Wexford 1960. Loved art in primary. Moved to the big smoke aged ten. Went to Del la Salle Raheny and you guessed it... loved art! Left school and got married, had five kids and never painted again. Until his kids heard he loved it at school and now in his fifties it would be a good de-stress, so for Christmas he got oils and canvas. The first painting took hours but past like minutes and the hook was firmly embedded.