Luke Hickey Irish artist, Cork

Destitute, Oil on board, 46 x 32 inches
In My Disconsolate Days
In My Disconsolate Days, Oil on board, 23 x 16 inches
Navigating the fissures
Navigating the fissures, Oil on board, 23 x 16 inches
Withdrawal, Oil on board, 46 x 32 inches
Journey's End
Journey's End, Oil on board, 23 x 16 inches
Svart Galla
Svart Galla, Oil on board, 16 x 23 inches
Antigonish, Oil on board, 16 x 23 inches
Neglect, Oil on board, 16 x 23 inches

Irish artist Luke Hickey, Cork

The artist's work depicts scenes from ordinary, everyday life, paying attention to the daily routine and everyday objects. These subjects are explored through emotions that relate to depression. The objects and places featured in the work are often overlooked due to their mundanity. The work is an emotional response to these overlooked, insignificant subjects that can evoke feelings of melancholy within us as we enter and leave these spaces. This body of work brings attention to these forlorn subjects, shifting our focus away from what we consider to be visually pleasing. The work exists within the psychological space rather than reality. Like in the paintings of Edvard Munch, a primary influence, atmosphere and mood take precedence over accurate, logical depiction.

Luke Hickey is a recent graduate of the CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, completing his degree in BA (Hons) Fine Art. Recent exhibitions include Dismantle, the 2019 CCAD Degree Show, and Dark Pop, a solo weeklong pop up exhibition in 2018. The artist has work in the collections of the Office of Public Works and Cork Institute of Technology, as well as private buyers in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Canada.

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