Marilyn Gaffney,  Sligo

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Dominant - detail
Dominant - detail, Mixed Media, 95 X 63 cm (varied)
Fight II
Fight II, Mixed Media, 30 X 41 cm (varied)
Touch, Mixed Media, 16 X 13 cm (varied)
F Buddies - detail
F Buddies - detail, Mixed Media, 15 X 12 cm (varied)
Hidden II
Hidden II, Mixed Media, 30 X 40 cm (varied)
Secret Garden
Secret Garden, Mixed Media, 15 X 12 cm (varied)
Post, Mixed Media, 12X 13 cm (varied)
Dominant, Mixed Media, 95 X 63 cm (varied)
Hidden, Mixed Media, 29 X 37 cm (varied)
F Buddies
F Buddies, Mixed Media, 15 X 12 cm (varied)
Play, Mixed Media, 45 X 34 cm (varied)
Grooming, Mixed Media, 17 X 14 cm (varied)

Marilyn Gaffney Art (Download The Catalogue)

Marilyn Gaffney is a visual artist from Ireland. Marilyn holds Masters Fine Art from the National College of Art and Design Dublin. She graduated with First Class Honours (B.A. Honours Degree in Fine Art) from Sligo Institute of Technology. She was awarded the John O'Leary Travel Bursary Award in June 2010 which she recently undertook and entailed her to take up residencies abroad. She earlier graduated with a Distinction grade (B.A Ordinary Degree) in Fine Art from IT Sligo. Marilyn has had various exhibitions in Ireland. Her most recent work was exhibited at La Muse Writers and Artists Retreat in Labastide Esparbairenque, Southern France and Camac Arts Centre, Paris, France. Statement:
My work is based on psychology; particularly the repressed memory and personality traits. I concentrate on how people react to each other in certain situations and how past events in there life affect them at present. I create illustrative drawings using mixed media which consists of permanent marker, polythene sheeting, etchings and aqueous dispersions.