Matt Doyle Irish artist, Wexford and Mayo

Finbar Furey
Finbar Furey, Pencil and Ink, A3 Size
Tom McBride
Tom McBride, Acrylics, A3 Size
Caitriona Ni Cheannabhain
Caitriona Ni Cheannabhain, Pencil, A3 Size
Philomena Begley
Philomena Begley, Pencil, A3 Size
Dermot Hegarty
Dermot Hegarty, Acrylics, A3 Size
Margo O'Donnell
Margo O'Donnell, Pencil, A3 Size
Pat McKenna
Pat McKenna, Pencil, A3 Size
Big Tom McBride
Big Tom McBride, Pencil, A3 Size
Gene Stuart
Gene Stuart, Pencil, A3 Size
Foster and Allen
Foster and Allen, Pencil, A3 Size
Finan's Bar,Charlestown
Finan's Bar,Charlestown, Acrylics, A3
Distilled Life
Distilled Life, Acrylics, A3
Holistic Relaxation
Holistic Relaxation, Acrylics, A3
Faceless Society
Faceless Society, Acrylics, 2ft x 4ft
Hook By Moonlight
Hook By Moonlight, Acrylics, A3
Jerry Fish
Jerry Fish, Pencil Drawing, A3
Simon Young
Simon Young, Acrylics, A3
Dream Sequence
Dream Sequence, Acrylics, 2ft x 3ft
Celtic Warrior,Hand sculpted in clay
Celtic Warrior,Hand sculpted in clay, bronzed and mounted on large piece of ancient Bog Oak, 18 ins in height
Back From The Sea
Back From The Sea, Hand sculpted piece in clay painted in acrylics and bronze on Drift Wood found on a Mayo beach, 20 inches in height
Michael Collins
Michael Collins, Pencil Drawing, A3 Limited edition signed prints available
The Ould Irish Snug
The Ould Irish Snug, Acrylics (Limited Signed Edition Prints Available), A3size
Fionn MacCumhaill and the Salmon of Knowledge
Fionn MacCumhaill and the Salmon of Knowledge, Acrylics on large canvas with 3D surround designed frame, 3ft. x 4ft.
Deirdre of the Sorrows
Deirdre of the Sorrows, Acrylics on large canvas with 3D surround designed frame, 3ft. x 4ft.
The Road to Tir Na Nog
The Road to Tir Na Nog, Acrylics with 3D designed frame, 3ft. x 4ft. cm
Still Life
Still Life, Acrylics on canvas, 3ft. x 4ft.
In The Rare Ould Times
In The Rare Ould Times, Limited edition prints, 20" x 36" (Framed)
The Celtic Warrior
The Celtic Warrior, Hand sculpted figures mounted on Bog Oak, 18* in height
Queen Maeve
Queen Maeve, Acrylics on canvas with designed surround frame, 3ft. x 4ft.
New Moon
New Moon, Acrylics with 3D sculpted figures, 24" x 36"
Angel Vase
Angel Vase, Glass with hand sculpted 3D figures, 29" Height
Grace O'Malley
Grace O'Malley, Acrylics with 3D bronzed Figures, 20" x 42"
James Joyce,Hand sculpted in clay
James Joyce,Hand sculpted in clay, bronzed and mounted on timber base, 19" Height

Irish artist Matt Doyle, Wexford and Mayo

Acrylic 3D paintings , Portraits and Sculptures Matt Doyle hails from Wexford and has been a professional artist for many years. Over the years he has had a successful career as a professional portrait artist both at home and abroad and has worked with numerous celebrities such as Shane MacGowan, Don Baker, Brendan Gleeson, Christy Moore, John B. Keane to name but a few. Many of the celebrities have signed his works making them unique and very collectible. His works have been aired on numerous television shows including RTE's Nationwide. include Grace O'Malley (Irish Pirate Queen from Clare Island, Queen Maeve, The Road to Tir Na Nog, and the Call Of The Banshee. He has also sculpted beautiful pieces such as James Joyce and the Celtic Warrior.


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