Michael Clancy Irish artist, Dublin

Going Home From Dollymount
Going Home From Dollymount, Watercolour and Ink, 8 x 6 inches
Tidal Motion
Tidal Motion, Watercolour, 8 x 6 inches
Red Sky
Red Sky, Charcaoal, 11 x 9 inches
Dollymount, Watercolour, 8 x 6 inches
Dublin View
Dublin View, Acrylic and watercolour, 12 x 16 inches
Towards Clontarf
Towards Clontarf, Watercolour, 8 x 6 inches
New Flower
New Flower, Ink and Marker, 5 x 9 inches
Wexford Plein Air Festival
Wexford Plein Air Festival, Watercolour and Herbin Ink, 14 x 8 inches
The Storm
The Storm, Acrylic, 16 x 10 inches
Dragonfly, Acrylic, 14 x 14 inches
Sun blast across Dollymount
Sun blast across Dollymount, Acrylic, 18 x 12 inches
The Barber Shop Wexford Plein Air
The Barber Shop Wexford Plein Air, Ink and Marker, 6 x 8 inches

Irish artist Michael Clancy, Dublin

Michael is a new Irish Artist based in Dublin. He works with watercolour and acrylic. He loves to get movement and a non traditional Irish landscape style into his paintings. Dublin City and its skyline intrigue him and he is a constant cloud watcher. Michael worked as a cameraman and a photographer before taking up the easels and paints.

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