Millie Harbour,  Scotland and Westmeath

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Low Tide at Spiddal
Low Tide at Spiddal, Oil on Canvas, 37 x 51cm
Yesteryear no.2
Yesteryear no.2, Oil on Canvas, 23 x 23cm
Cooling Off
Cooling Off, Oil on Canvas, 42 x 60cm
Reading by Candlelight
Reading by Candlelight, Oil on Cavas, 51 x 39cm
Coming Home
Coming Home, Oil on Canvas, 51 x 31cm
The Belfast Linen Maker
The Belfast Linen Maker, Oil on Canvas, 39 x 51cm
The Blue Bird
The Blue Bird, Oil on Canvas Board, 122 x 51cm
Winter, Oil on Canvas, 37 x 37cm incl frame
Autumn, Oil on Canvas, 37 x 37cm incl frame
Spring, Oil on Canvas, 37 x 37cm incl frame
Summer, Oil on Cavas, 37 x 37cm incl frame
Early start
Early start, Oil on Canvas, 38 x 48cm incl frame
A Balinasloe Trotter
A Balinasloe Trotter, Oil on Canvas, 49 x 63cm
La Grande Percherone
La Grande Percherone, Oil on Canvas Board, 54 x 51cm incl frame
Cold Comfort
Cold Comfort, Watercolour, 68 x 54cm incl frame
Trouble at Coosan Point
Trouble at Coosan Point, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 61cm incl frame
Nan's Kitchen
Nan's Kitchen, Oil on Canvas, 45 x 64cm

Millie Harbour Art (Download The Catalogue)

I have always loved art, drawing from comics etc as a child and loved it in school, but took business studies and did secretarial work. I started taking painting more serious as the children got older and along with a friend did a course in Art in the Moate Business College, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Friends got me to agree to teach them how to draw and paint so have done 3 courses with adults. I have done commissions and pictures for wedding presents and sold some in Galway Auctions Rooms.