Nanette O'Neill,  Dublin

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Lock Up Your Childhood
Lock Up Your Childhood, Gouache, A4
Never Clean (The filth wont wash away ever. It's written all over me.)
Never Clean (The filth wont wash away ever. It's written all over me.), Gouache, A5
Our Substance Dance
Our Substance Dance, Gouache, A3
Gallop Down Death
Gallop Down Death, Gouache, A2
Sail, Gouache, A3
Magenta Mermaid
Magenta Mermaid, Gouache, A5
Cyan Mermaid
Cyan Mermaid, Gouache, A5
Moon Struck
Moon Struck, Gouache, A5
Therapy Giraffe
Therapy Giraffe, Water Colours, A5
I AM OK, Gouache, A5
I'll Love You Into Reality
I'll Love You Into Reality, Pencil, A4

Nanette O'Neill Art (Download The Catalogue)

My name is Nanette O'Neill and I'm from West County Dublin.

I most often paint figures and enjoy attempting to do so in a manner I have not attempted before each time, either through; method, style, mood or content. While I do try and use different media I enjoy using Gouache most frequently and it features heavily in most of my pieces. I have enjoyed painting since a young age and have developed something similar to a friendship with the act of painting and creating. I miss it terribly when I can't partake in it and find great joy when I get to return to it once again.

Along with painting I also take part in many handcrafts when I have the opportunity. I spent four years working in a craft store in Dublin City which included making items to order ranging from Tiaras for Weddings to theatrical props. As well as occasionally teaching classes. I take pride in my knowledge in these areas and love helping other artists learn more about different media and how best to use them. Original works are available for sale, as are prints. Any commercial interest in my pieces would be welcomed as well. One of my pieces was recently used as a book cover and another piece is in the process of being used as an illustration for a book also.