Oliver Curran,  Down

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The Road To No Where
The Road To No Where, Acrylic oil, 48 x 36 ins
Wexford Hooley
Wexford Hooley, Acrylic oil, 48 x 48 ins
Spirits Of Newryabbey
Spirits Of Newryabbey, Acrylic oil, 36 x 36 ins
Evoked Miner
Evoked Miner, Acrylic oil, 28 x 20 ins
My Ireland
My Ireland, Acrylic oil, 30 x 22 ins
The watchfull Landlord
The watchfull Landlord, Acrylic oil, 18 x 28 ins
The Harvest Table
The Harvest Table, Acrylic oil, 22 x 30 ins
The Big Tea Pot
The Big Tea Pot, Acrylic oil, 36 x 28 ins
The Orange Donkey At Cross
The Orange Donkey At Cross, Acrylic oil, 22 x 32 ins
O Meath Gathering
O Meath Gathering, Acrylic oil, 18 x 28 ins
No Where
No Where, Acrylic oil, 18 x 28 ins
Sea Side Eviction
Sea Side Eviction, Acrylic oil, 22 x 28 ins

Oliver Curran Art (Download The Catalogue)

Born in Newry, County Down, Oliver came to painting approx 15 years ago. He is entirely self-taught and despite his immediately recognizeable style he is still developing his art. After a recent 2 year stint at Newry Art College he obtained a diploma distinction in art and design. Curran is a former antique-dealer who has exhibited in galleries and shows across Ireland. His works have commanded hefty commisions over a short period of time and are becoming increasingly sought after. Oliver's paintings reflect his vision of Irish landscape and history. Many of his works focus on the historical tension between the Irish poor and the landed gentry, as well as the sadness and struggle that he sees as permeating the spirit of the country and the people. The Irish Famines of the 19th Century are the inspiration for much of his most recent material. Despite the serious undercurrent of his work, many of Oliver's paintings are very humorous. The 'Blue' paintings have become Oliver's trademark and are now very collectable pieces. His works are in private collections in Ireland, the UK, Holland and the USA.