Pat Conroy Irish artist, Wicklow

Dromore Castle
Dromore Castle, Pencil, A3
Dromore from the Lake
Dromore from the Lake, Pencil, A3
Lions and Shields
Lions and Shields, Pencil, A4
Harley from Hell
Harley from Hell, Pencil, A4
Rise If Possible
Rise If Possible, Pencil, A3
Pimp My Castle
Pimp My Castle, Pencil, A3
Moonlight, Pencil, A3
The Phantom
The Phantom, Pencil, A3
Dromore Castle Moonlight
Dromore Castle Moonlight, Pencil, A3
Castle Oliver's Griffins
Castle Oliver's Griffins, Pencil, A3
Killakee House
Killakee House, Pencil, A3
Ballyheigue Castle
Ballyheigue Castle, Pencil, A3
Dromore Castle North
Dromore Castle North, Pencil, A3
The Rock of Cashel
The Rock of Cashel, Pencil, A3
Collis Sands
Collis Sands, Pencil, A3
Castle Oliver
Castle Oliver, Pencil, A3
Powerscourt House
Powerscourt House, Pencil, A3
Inside The City Walls
Inside The City Walls, Pencil, A3
Adare Manor
Adare Manor, Pencil, A3
Dromoland Castle
Dromoland Castle, Pencil, A3
Killruddery House
Killruddery House, Pencil, A3
Woodlawn House
Woodlawn House, Pencil, A3
Castle Oliver 'west view'
Castle Oliver 'west view', Pencil, A3
Mount Fortress
Mount Fortress, Pen, A3
City of Kings
City of Kings, pencil, a3
The Great Realm of Towers
The Great Realm of Towers, pencil, a3
The Towers of The Ancient World
The Towers of The Ancient World, pencil, a3
The Lost City
The Lost City, pencil, a3
Tooth and Claw
Tooth and Claw, pencil, a3
Outrageous, pencil, a3
The Ancient World
The Ancient World, pencil, a3
Kylemore Castle
Kylemore Castle, pencil, a3
Ashford Castle
Ashford Castle, pencil, a3
Kilkenny Castle
Kilkenny Castle, pencil, a3
Dromore Castle County Limerick
Dromore Castle County Limerick, pencil, a3
Castle Oliver
Castle Oliver, pencil, a3

Irish artist Pat Conroy, Wicklow

As a self taught artist I've never been afraid to experiment, when it comes to fantasy I believe there should be no limit to the imagination. Why not have a dragon take down a t-rex? Or have castles that go skyward! As a mountaineer who has climbed in New Zealand, Australia, Everest base camp and back home here in Ireland I've often found myself looking down on the world with a different perspective, I've tried to capture that feeling of height in my artwork or what it would be like to be suspended above a scene. Patience is my true gift, on my Castle Oliver drawing alone, after spending 40 hours on it I decided to give it another 40 hours and get every detail right. I have others that took considerably longer. I now live in Wicklow, I use only pencil on paper

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