Patrick McCann Irish artist, Dublin

Road to Knockmaroon
Road to Knockmaroon, pastel(framed), 88cm x 112cm
Old Cutter
Old Cutter, pastel (framed), 80cm x 93cm
Beyond Roundstone
Beyond Roundstone, oil on canvas(unframed), 60cm x 80cm
Stone and Kelp Shore
Stone and Kelp Shore, Oil on Canvas(unframed), 60cm x 80cm
Summit Gorse II
Summit Gorse II, oil on canvas(unframed), 50cm x 40cm
Yellow Gorse II
Yellow Gorse II, oil on canvas(unframed), 40cm x 40cm
Gorse in Full Bloom II
Gorse in Full Bloom II, oil on canvas(unframed), 40cm x 30cm
Summit Gorse
Summit Gorse, oil on canvas(unframed), 80cm x 100cm
Yellow Gorse
Yellow Gorse, oil on canvas(unframed), 40cm x 40cm
Gorse in Bloom
Gorse in Bloom, oil on canvas(unframed), 40cm x 30cm
Beyond Seapoint
Beyond Seapoint, Pastel, 77 x 91cm
Angels on the Bay
Angels on the Bay, Pastel, 94 x 112cm
Fleet at Anchor Howth
Fleet at Anchor Howth, oil on canvas, 78 x 98cm
Kayak Kids Seapoint
Kayak Kids Seapoint, Pastel, 73 x 77cm
Beal Linn Wake
Beal Linn Wake, Pastel, 77 x 91cm
Slipway, Pastel, 96 x 98cm
Stone and Kelp Shoreline
Stone and Kelp Shoreline, Oil on Canvas, 78 x 98cm
Natures Hand
Natures Hand, Pastel, 78 x 91cm
Furry Glen 1
Furry Glen 1, Pastel, 84 x 132cm
Wind in the Willow
Wind in the Willow, Pastel, 78 x 91cm
Rose Garden Bridge
Rose Garden Bridge, Pastel, 78 x 91cm
Old Boys Reggata
Old Boys Reggata, Pastel, 78 x 91cm

Irish artist Patrick McCann, Dublin

I am a Dublin based full-time artist. I work in the style of realism in the medium of oils and pastels. I have built a reputation as an artist who pushes realism to the extreme with great attentiion to detail. I have exhibited at various art shows including the RDS in Dublin. My work has been purchased by many private and corporate clients including the Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire, government boards and I have sold many works abroad including United States, Europe and Australia , and I have recently been invited to showcase my art at Bank of Ireland headquaters at Baggot sreet and College Green.


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