Tyrone House 2
Tyrone House 2, Watercolour and ink, na
Long Walk, Galway
Long Walk, Galway, Watercolour and ink, na
Estuary, Kilcolgan
Estuary, Kilcolgan, Watercolour and ink, na
Grain store, Kilcolgan
Grain store, Kilcolgan, Watercolour and ink, na
Dry stone wall 1
Dry stone wall 1, Watercolour and pencil, na
Dry stone wall 2
Dry stone wall 2, Watercolour and ink, na
Low tide, Kinvara
Low tide, Kinvara, Watercolour and ink, na
Mirror, Kilcolgan, Watercolour, gouache
Mirror, Kilcolgan, Watercolour, gouache, ink, na
Cloudy sky, Kilcolgan
Cloudy sky, Kilcolgan, Watercolour and pencil, na
Pier, Kilcolgan, Watercolour, ink
Pier, Kilcolgan, Watercolour, ink, gouache, na
Nimmos, Galway
Nimmos, Galway, Watercolour and ink, na
Latin Quarter, Galway
Latin Quarter, Galway, Watercolour and ink, na

Artist Roisin Cure, Wicklow and Galway

I'm from Enniskerry in Co. Wicklow and I've lived in Galway since 1991. Although I have a Masters from NUIG in Geology (2003), there was never any doubt in my mind that I would be drawing forever, and I'm lucky enough to draw pretty much daily. All the work I sell is painted from life, and I never use photos or touch a piece after I've left the location, as I find that the energy in a painting has no equivalent in a photo - it's a different medium.

I'm an active member of the global Urban Sketchers community and in 2014 will feature in the literature of Gabi Campanario, the founder of the Urban Sketching movement. I will also feature in acclaimed artist/author Cathy Johnson's next volume with North Light Books, about on-location sketching, and I'm often to be seen sketching on the streets of Galway city and county, regardless of weather conditions. Other than that I have produced the illustrations for five books for children since 2006. Currently (2014) I am writing and illustrating my first book for children called Crocodiva.

I wrote and illustrated a graphic short story, Four Legs Bad, in 2012, and I have written and illustrated a full-length graphic memoir called Zen and the Art of Sketching, about finding peace through live sketching while on sabbatical in Mauritius, which will be published in 2015. I am also available for landscape and portrait commissions. No photos.

Website: roisincure.com
Email: roisin.cure@gmail.com