Stephen Mynhardt,  South Africa and Carlow

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Early Warning
Early Warning, Digital Art, A1
Port Calling
Port Calling, Digital Art, A1
Modular Landscape
Modular Landscape, Pen and Wash, 500 x 300mm
Decking Observer
Decking Observer, Digital Art, A1
Collective Responsibility
Collective Responsibility, Digital Art, A1
Cargo Holding
Cargo Holding, Digital Art, A1
Carlow Station
Carlow Station, Pencil Sketch, 500 x 300mm
Athlone, Pen and Wash, 400 x 250mm
Utopia, Pen and Wash, 600 x 450mm
Docked, Watercolour, 500 x 300mm

Stephen Mynhardt Art (Download The Catalogue)

Stephen Mynhardt is an artist and photographer with over 30 years experience. Growing up in Southern Africa he developed a profound appreciation of the landscape and nature around him, this has manifested itself in his artistic works.

Since moving to Ireland over 17 years ago his passion has grown with many new avenues to explore and capture. Steve's career background in architecture and craft works is evident through his focus on themes of space and forms in nature and man made structures and is indeed evident his exceptional attention to detail.

His artist's mediums include watercolours, charcoal and pen sketching and his particular favourite pen and wash. With the advent of digital photography he has moved from the conventional darkroom to the virtual darkroom. In both his paintings and photography one also gets a sense of Stephens sense of humour and insight.