Suzanne Lindfield,  Connemara

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Autumn Pears
Autumn Pears, Watercolour, 37 x 32cm
Signs of Spring
Signs of Spring, Watercolour, 42 x 38cm
Old Favourites
Old Favourites, Watercolour, 38 x 29cm
Wild Food
Wild Food, Watercolour, 38 x 37cm
Autumn Apples
Autumn Apples, Watercolour, 38 x 28cm
Autumn Fruits
Autumn Fruits, Watercolour, 37 x 27cm

Suzanne Lindfield Art (Download The Catalogue)

I am a -mostly self taught- watercolour painter, living and working in Connemara.

The changes in the seasons, the light in the hedgerows, small details in nature or even in the most ordinary objects they all inspire me to pick up my brushes and work wet rich colour onto wet paper. Connemara. There is always an element of excitement and danger in the process, because I don't quite know what will happen next as pigments and water move across each other, collide or back away... then a conversation begins...