Tom Pigot Irish artist, Wicklow

Futura, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 40 cms
Clear Over Coliemore
Clear Over Coliemore, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 40 cms
Italian Belltower
Italian Belltower, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 40 cms
The Blue Tree
The Blue Tree, Oil on Board, 28 x 35 cms
At Rest
At Rest, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 40 cms
Mayo Evening
Mayo Evening, Oil on Canvas, 25 x 30 cms
Summer House
Summer House, Oil on Canvas, 25 x 30 cms
To Bog Meadow
To Bog Meadow, Oil on Canvas, 25 x 30 cms
View To Glencree
View To Glencree, Oil on Canvas, 20 x 25 cms
Cividale 1851
Cividale 1851, Oil on Canvas, 10 x 15 cms
On The Ridge
On The Ridge, Oil On Canvasboard, 25 x 20 cms
After Dinner
After Dinner, Oil On Canvas, 50 x 40 cms
Lacken Dunes
Lacken Dunes, Oil On Canvas, 50 x 40 cms
Victoria's Way
Victoria's Way, Oil On Canvas, 30 x 25 cms
His Kingdom
His Kingdom, Oil On Canvas, 70 x 35 cms
The Red Boat
The Red Boat, Oil On Canvas, 25 x 20 cms
July, Oil On Canvas, 20 x 25 cms

Irish artist Tom Pigot, Wicklow

Tom is a self-taught artist who lives just south of Dublin, in the coastal town of Bray in Wicklow County. To the west of his home are the forests and slopes of the Wicklow Mountains, and to the east are the beaches and harbours on the Irish Sea. These beautiful places are where he finds inspiration for most of his works which are painted with oils on streched canvas. Recognition of his talent and developing technique was confirmed when the painting 'His Kingdom' was accepted by the Royal Hibernian Academy for inclusion in their 2016 RHA Annual Exhibition.

Tom was born in New York and has lived most of his life in Ireland as his family moved to Dublin when he was a small boy. He has always had an interest in art, drama, and music and when he is not painting he spends his time watching films, reading, or getting together with his musician friends to sing and play music. He often hikes through Wicklow with his dogs and of course, his camera.

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