Tomasz Grzesik,  Poland and Dublin

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Self Portrait, Wood, Glass
Self Portrait, Wood, Glass, paper, 35 x 48 cm
The Bossom of Nature
The Bossom of Nature, Dry plant's part's, 32 x 44 x 5 cm
Waste Wave, Wood, Plastic
Waste Wave, Wood, Plastic, Metal, 105 x 125 x 7 cm
Cross Fires, wood, plastic
Cross Fires, wood, plastic, metal, 130 x 110cm
Brocken Sound, woo, plastic, metal
Brocken Sound, woo, plastic, metal, paper, 90 x 110cm
Mushroom String Grass, wood
Mushroom String Grass, wood, metal, 35 x 40cm
KeyBone, wood
KeyBone, wood, metal, 35 x 50cm
Bursting Web, wood, plastic
Bursting Web, wood, plastic, metal, 75 x 55cm
Living Machine
Living Machine, mixed media, 60 x 65 x 155cm

Tomasz Grzesik Art (Download The Catalogue)

Alumnus of Gastronomy High School, Bachelor degree of Philosophy, University of Rzeszow, Poland, Masters of Arts: Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, Spec: Philosophy of Culture and Cultural Studies, University of Marie Curie Sklodowska, Lublin, Poland. Librarian.

Since High School time, Musician of many bands such as: Grakarme, Snieguny, Misteria, Navaho, No Friends Land and Dublin based Polish band Thy Worshiper- Multi-layered hybrid of experimental Pagan Metal, Tribal Folk, and Black Metal. Performing in all Europe. Recorded released about 10 albums all together with those bands. Also some solo and other music projects, among others author of soundtrack for Polish movie "Konsumenci"

Guitars engraver, T shirts graphic designer, creator of artistically framed mirrors and assemblage art made of waste materials.

"I started to collect old broken parts and used things to create Assemblage Art some time ago lead by thought that dead can dance again. I have great fun doing them because I'm never sure a bout their final look"

My other activities: