Adam McEwan English artist, England and West of Ireland

Vascular Vision
Vascular Vision, fluorescent acrylics, 40 x 51 cm
Iridule, acrylics, 51 x 71 cm
Rootical, fluorescent acrylics, 40 x 51 cm
Simulation Theory
Simulation Theory, acrylics, 140 x 99 cm
Mama Changa
Mama Changa, fluorescent acrylics, 51 x 40 cm
Singularity, acrylics, 100 x 80 cm
It's About Time
It's About Time, acrylics, 100 x 80 cm
Abyssfull, Acrylics, 71 x 51 cm
untitled, Acrylics, 60 x 60 cm
Helping Hand
Helping Hand, Acrylics, 41 x 51 cm
Creative Spark
Creative Spark, Acrylics, 41 x 51 cm
Ozora, Acrylics, 100 x 80 cm

English artist Adam McEwan, England and West of Ireland

Adam Franklin McEwan was born in the west of England in 1981. He moved to the west of Ireland when he was three years old where he continues to reside and work.

Adam is a self-taught artist. His love of painting was ignited in 2000 when he discovered UV reactive paints. He started creating glowing backdrops to decorate stages and dance floors in the Irish electronic music scene.

Subsequently he exhibited his work at festivals in Europe – Antaris in Germany and the Ozora festival in Hungary. He has also collaborated in live group painting performances with Aia Leu and the Leu family.

Adam's style is abstract psychedelic. His influences are science fiction and shamanism.

In 2018 Adam opened The Wren Gallery Kenmare, where he is the resident artist.

Facebook:The Wren Gallery Kenmare

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