Jamaica Inn Alghero
Jamaica Inn Alghero, Oil, 14 x 10 ins
Dinner time ?
Dinner time ?, Oil, 12 x 10 ins
Bright eyes
Bright eyes, Oil, 12 x 10 ins
Polly, Oil, 12 x 10 ins
Pheobe, Oil, 12 x 10 ins
Charlie, Oil, 12 x 10 ins
White Rose
White Rose, Oil, 24 x 18 ins
Wedding Day
Wedding Day, Oil, 14 x 10 ins
Kathleen's Knives
Kathleen's Knives, Oil on canvas panel, 6 x 8 ins
Antique Spoons
Antique Spoons, Oil on canvas panel, 8 x 10 ins
Yellow Buttons
Yellow Buttons, Oil on canvas panel, 8 x 10 ins
Marbles on Blue Plate
Marbles on Blue Plate, Oil on canvas panel, 10 x 14 ins

Artist Audrey Hennessy, Dublin

Audrey is a self taught artist based in Dublin and has been drawing since she was a child. She started painting in 1996 and her work focused on the many beautiful old buildings and architectural gems that are a feature of her home city. Her current work features more colour and vibrancy and marbles and shoes are some of her latest chosen subjects. The play of light and the translucency of the glass coupled with the vibrant colour of marbles provide endless inspiration and she is currently working on a new body of paintings featuring these and other subjects. She paints in Oils and also works in soft Pastel has been involved in many exhibitions and has completed many commissions.