Brigid Walshe Irish artist, Westmeath

Picking Bluebells
Picking Bluebells, Oils, 50 x 75 cms
Teddies, Acrylics, 16 x 20 ins
At Lads
At Lads, Oils, 50 x 75 cms
End of Evening at Donore
End of Evening at Donore, Acrylics, 50 x 75 cms
At Killafree
At Killafree, Mixed media, 12 x 16 ins
At Wendys
At Wendys, Acrylics, 50 x 70 cms
Frosty morning
Frosty morning, Mixed media, 12 x 16 ins
Ice Cream At The Inny
Ice Cream At The Inny, Acrylics, 12 x 16 ins
Amber, Acrylics, 12 x 16
Baby's Room
Baby's Room, Acrylics, 60 x 60 cms
Evening at Castlepollard
Evening at Castlepollard, Acrylics, 12 x 16 ins
Be Your Own Light
Be Your Own Light, Mixed media, 65 x 90cms

Irish artist Brigid Walshe, Westmeath

I am mainly self taught, I create a very eclectic mix of works, working in a large range of media. The work can be very emotive and almost always has a narrative. Sometimes a poem will inspire a new painting. Ranging from abstract to contemporary, My work is strongly influenced by the nature of human interactions, the emotional traumas in life. My work is frequently figurative but not solely restricted to this.The work that you will see displayed will range from depicting, anger, injustice, depression, to deep hope, love, tenderness and gentleness. Current Life events, news articles are all strong influences for me. Injustices in society inspire works that can be ugly. 'art like life, is not always pretty'.

Constantly experimenting with new techniques, i am of the belief that you never stop learning, and that art is a form of therapy. I have had successful solo exhibitions locally, selling both locally and abroad.

Celebrating 21 Years, promoting Irish Visual Art Online

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