Carolyn Hoey Irish artist, Louth

Brown bull of Cooleye
Brown bull of Cooleye, oil on canvas panel, 14 x 18 inches
Expecting a buyer
Expecting a buyer, oil on canvas panel, 14 x 18 inches
The Green in Castlebellingham,Co. Louth
The Green in Castlebellingham,Co. Louth, oil on canvas panel, 14 x 18 inches
Make a wish
Make a wish, oil on canvas panel, 14 x 18 inches
Mans best friend
Mans best friend, Oil, 14 x 18 ins
Annagassan evening,Co. Louth
Annagassan evening,Co. Louth, Oil, 14 x 18 ins
Near Lough Easkey
Near Lough Easkey, Oil, 14x18
Waiting for work
Waiting for work, Oil, 14 x 18 ins
Old Windmill,Dundalk
Old Windmill,Dundalk, Oil, 14 x 18 ins
Widows Cottages,Castlebellingham
Widows Cottages,Castlebellingham, Oil, 14 x 18 ins
Truskmore mountain stream,Co. Sligo
Truskmore mountain stream,Co. Sligo, Print on canvas of original oil painting, 24 x 36 ins
Glyde weir at Castlebellingham Castle
Glyde weir at Castlebellingham Castle, Oil, 14 x 18 ins

Irish artist Carolyn Hoey, Louth

Mainly self-taught and painting since 1994 I am a graduate of Agricultural Science living and working on a farm in Co. Louth, Ireland. I sell most of my paintings locally and through my facebook page. They go all over the world and one is hung in the County Museum, Dundalk. Only recently have I started portraits but I enjoy painting anything. I work totally in oils and welcome new challenges. A lot of my work in recent years is commissions and some local landscapes.

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