Ciara Kinsella Irish artist, Wexford

Forest 2020
Forest 2020, Mono print on Fabriano, 18.5 x 25 cm
The Tree 2 2019
The Tree 2 2019, Collagraph print on paper, 20.5 x 20 cm
The Tree,2019
The Tree,2019, mono print on paper, 24.3 x 21.7 cm
On a Walk 1,2021
On a Walk 1,2021, Mono print on gouache sprayed paper, 21 x 30 cm
On a Walk 5,2021
On a Walk 5,2021, Watercolour on 300gsm paper, 21 x 30 cm
On a Walk 8,2021
On a Walk 8,2021, Watercolour on 300gsm paper Peeled masking fluid, 16 x 24.5 cm
On a Walk 7,2021
On a Walk 7,2021, Watercolour on 300gsm paper Peeled masking fluid, 16 x 24.5 cm
Ferrycarrig Bridge,Wexford,2020
Ferrycarrig Bridge,Wexford,2020, Oil on canvas, 35.3 x 27.8 cm
St David's Well,2019
St David's Well,2019, Mono print on Fabriano, 29.4 x 26.8 cm
St David's Well 2,2020
St David's Well 2,2020, Mono print on canvas, 17.9 x 12.6 cm

Irish artist Ciara Kinsella, Wexford

In my work, I like to explore the possibilities and limits of combining painting, printmaking and photography. I focus on memory and how photography can capture its essence. I work with landscapes, Forests or partially wooded areas as they always evolve and change, yet stay the same.

My inspiration comes from my environment, from hauntingly dark silhouettes of trees and plant life to the delicate details of its living beings. I draw on folklore and symbology to create a narrative, and a sense of mystery. I aim to create curiosity that allows the viewer to contemplate their own connection to nature.

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