Summer Lilies II, textile-discharge dyeing
Summer Lilies II, textile-discharge dyeing, embroidery, 60 x 56 cm
Topography, Textile-resist areas and over-painting
Topography, Textile-resist areas and over-painting, embroidered, 52 x 59 cm
Occluded Front
Occluded Front, Textile-Painted and quilted, 69 x 72 cm
Solar Flare
Solar Flare, Textile-Painted and embroidered, 58 x 68 cm
Green in Rain, Textile-Painted, embroidered
Green in Rain, Textile-Painted, embroidered, quilted, 32 x 44 cm
Blue Gentians
Blue Gentians, Textile-Painted and quilted, 68 x 52 cm
Binary, Textile-Discharge dyeing, embroidered
Binary, Textile-Discharge dyeing, embroidered, quilted, 35 x 59 cm
Tracings, Textile-Painted
Tracings, Textile-Painted, embroidered, 35 x 40 cm
Torus, Textile-Painted
Torus, Textile-Painted, quilted, 78 x 48 cm
Spring Rain, Textile-Painted
Spring Rain, Textile-Painted, quilted, 67 x 74 cm
Portal, Textile-Painted
Portal, Textile-Painted, quilted, 58 x 51 cm
Orbital, Textile-Painted
Orbital, Textile-Painted, quilted, 49 x 59 cm

Deborah J Stockdale, Donegal, Irish Artist

This collection of my new work from 2015 explores textile techniques such as discharge dyeing (removing colour from fabric) and over-painting, as well as texturing using textile crayons and paints to build up areas of intricacy on the fabric. Also I have used more embroidery to emphasize areas of interest and to create 3D areas in these pieces. I am still exploring natural life, both macro and micro, which has been an abiding theme throughout my art work.

Textile artist Deborah J. Stockdale, continues her exploration of colour and textures. The techniques in this new work include removing areas of colour from commercial batik fabrics, and using the remaining areas as design focus. These are over-painted, and/or rubbed over textures with fabric pastels to reveal layers of intricate, lace-like designs, which are then enhanced with embroidery and hand quilting. Her work continues to explore natural forms as well as personal mythology. The artist lives in Glencolmcille, Co. Donegal, and exhibits internationally.