Symphony, Watercolour, 356 x 279mm
Snowscape, Watercolour, 356 x 279mm
Canal walk
Canal walk, Watercolour, 356 x 279mm
Country walk
Country walk, Watercolour, 356 x 279mm
Beautiful Ireland
Beautiful Ireland, Watercolour, 279 x 356mm
Snowscape, Watercolour, 279 x 356mm
Rhapsody, Watercolour, 356 x 279mm
Tribute, Watercolour, 279 x 356mm
Donegal farm
Donegal farm, Oil, 356 x 279mm
Misty morn
Misty morn, Oil, 356 x 279 mm
Donegal cottage
Donegal cottage, Oil, 356 x 279
Mountain stream
Mountain stream, Oil, 356 x 279 mm

Dermot Brennan, Dublin, Irish Artist

I'm a professional artist working and living in Dublin, I started painting at an early age and have never stopped. I was trained in watercolour painting, but now have grown very attached to alla prima oil painting of mainly Irish landscapes.

My style has changed down the years from photo realistic to impressionistic, I exhibit my work at Merrion Square every weekend, and also hold occasional exhibitions ,commissions are also taken on request.