Emma Colbert Northern Ireland artist, Belfast

The Poodles
The Poodles, Pastel, 14 x 14 ins
Mixed Portrait
Mixed Portrait, Pastel, 20 x 16 ins
Clancy and Bolt
Clancy and Bolt, Pastel, 20 x 18 ins
Siesta, Pastel, 19 x 12 ins
Jake, Pastel, 10 x 14 ins
Dunluce Castle
Dunluce Castle, Pastel, 38 x 16 ins
Coco, Pastel, 18 x 14 ins
The Belties
The Belties, Pastel, 40 x 28 ins
Bathing in Buttercups
Bathing in Buttercups, Pastel, 19 x 13 ins
The Family Tree
The Family Tree, Pastel, 40 x 28 ins
Bluebell Foxtrot
Bluebell Foxtrot, Pastel, 19 x 13 ins
The Boxing Dandies
The Boxing Dandies, Pastel, 18 x 14ins

Northern Ireland artist Emma Colbert, Belfast

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Emma works as an artist and illustrator. She graduated from Kent Institute of Art and Design as an illustrator in 2007, and has worked on portrait commissions, produced original fine art series for galleries throughout Ireland and illustrated several books.

Having discovered pastel at a young age, Emma knew this was the medium she wanted to develop in. An equal passion for animals has fuelled a love of painting them. Using pastels in a painterly way Emma creates highly detailed, vibrant work inspired by nature and light.

Recent projects include a commissioned portrait of a famous Real Madrid footballer which was filmed for UEFA Championship Live and broadcast worldwide. Also the release of the second book in the 'Charlie Crow' children's book series which has been read in over 200 schools in Northern Ireland.

Recently Unison, one of the top pastel brands in the world, asked Emma to create an Animal Pastel selection. They continue to promote her work as a leading pet portrait artist.

As a member of the Pastel Society of Ireland, Emma exhibits regularly in groups and throughout many galleries in the UK, with collectors worldwide.

Website: www.emmacolbertart.com

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