James Guinevan Seymour Irish artist, Cork and South Korea

Midori, Oils and acrylics, 24 x 17 inches
The decision Makers
The decision Makers, Ballpoint pen on paper, 54 x 32 cm
Wake up and smell the ...,Pen and ink
Wake up and smell the ...,Pen and ink, graphic pen on paper, 54 x 32 cm
In God we Trust?
In God we Trust?, Ballpoint pen on paper, 54 x 32 cm
Nude sketch
Nude sketch, Pencil, 29 x 40 cm
The ships cat
The ships cat, Ink on paper, 54 x 32 cm
Crows, Pen and ink on paper, 54 x 32 cm
Dream awake
Dream awake, Acrylic and graphic pen on canvas, 40 x 36
Entity, Oils on canvas, 45 x 38 cm
Old man of the sea
Old man of the sea, Ballpoint pen and ink brush on paper, 54 x 32cm
Ojibwa, Copic pen, 54x32cm
Creep, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 27x17inch

Irish artist James Guinevan Seymour, Cork and South Korea

James Guinnevan Seymour is an Irish artist and graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design where he obtained his degree in 2003.

Upon completion of his degree James became a member of Limerick Printmakers where he exhibited in group exhibits and summer and winter shows. In 2005 he was chosen as one of the artists to participate in the print exhibit Unframed chosen by Mike Fox head of sculpture of LSAD.The show was held at Limerick Printmakers and Mayo Arts Center. In 2005 he also participated in a number of shows in galleries throughout Tipperary and Cork and printed a series of prints created by renowned artist Charles Harper.

In 2006 he would travel for a year living in Australia and NZ as well as Thailand before settling in South Korea where he is currently living. He has lived there on and off since 2007 and continues his Art practice there as a member of the International Artists of Korea.With them he has had major exhibits in Seoul Insadong area ,Yongsan art center,Kwangju and Mokpo as well as Jeonju. He has also had exhibitions with the Jeonju artists collective and has appeared in a number of art publications in Korea.

In 2012 he had work on show at Myeondong Art gallery and at the unofficial exhibiting space in Jamsil area in aid of supporting Seouls first animal shelter. He has also had exhibits in New York at the APW gallery,in Arizona at Hoodlums record store and has work in aid of charity for Berkley Californias Drawing Dreams foundation. An ever active artist James is currently creating his first solo comic book project and has worked with abandoned comics in Ireland, Green Monkey comics as well as Wendigo comics in Canada.

His next exhibition will be held in early 2014 with the IAC IN Seoul. list of exhibitions since 2012 feb-april 2012 : mitchelstown public library

march-april 2012: little green street gallery :works on paper little green street dublin city center. april 2012 - inkaholics tattoo studio cork city center redsquare.

june 2012- myeongdong international nude exhibition in myeondong gallery myeongdong seoul. july 2012- unoofficial exhibition space in shinchon seoul exhibition in aid of seouls first animal shelter. I was interviewed by pet magazine and also the exhibition was also featured in p magazine a publication based around the seoul area.

sep-october 2012 : I had exhibitions in jeonju as part of the jeonju paper road biennale and also at this time an exhibition in mokpo city at the mokpo komas international exhibition which featured major artists from across asia and other internationally renowned artists. january 2013- I was invited to be an exhibiting artist by the kwangju artists society in kwangju south korea.

february 2013- artelemento magazine my work was featured in an article which also featured an interview about my art practices and methods. this magazine is distribuited throughout south korea. march 2013- gallery golmok exhibition and auction,I had works on show for this exhibition and auction and also sold my work in the live auction.

april 2013- gwahgwamun exhibition center in seoul gwangwamun area.I had work featured in an international art exhibition here which received local media coverage. I gave a speech as part of the opening ceremony. may -the exhibit in gwangwamun finished and I finished my stay in korea south after a year.

in june I will participate in another exhibition in myeongdong south korea and will also take part in the limerick comic con with the other members of abandoned comics creators of the award winning nestor Details:
Born December 5, 1979
Location: Ballindangan , Mitchelstown, Ireland
Affiliation: IAC International Artists of Korea.
Awards: Certificate in the appreciation of Fine Art 1998
Scoil Stiofain Naoife
Diploma in Fine Art 2002
Limerick School of Art and Design
Bachelors Degree in Fine Art 2003
Limerick School of Art and Design
Certificate for Art and Psychology workshop 2011
Crawford College of Art
Gender Male
Personal Information An Artist from North Cork region of Munster
specializing in portraiture and figurative work working in oils,
pen and ink.

A graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design.
Personal Interests: Arts, Painting, drawing,r eading about art,
studying art, looking at art, creating new art, Movies.

Celebrating 21 Years, promoting Irish Visual Art Online

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