Jo Cummins Irish artist, Dublin

Moore Street
Moore Street, Acrylic, 24 X 30 ins
London Taxi
London Taxi, Acrylic, 15.75 X 23.5 ins
Boathouse, Acrylic, 15.75 X 21.5 ins
On The Prowl
On The Prowl, Acrylic, 24 X 30 ins
Seriously Mister.....
Seriously Mister....., Acrylic, 30 X 24 ins
It's your own fault!
It's your own fault!, Acrylic, 19.75 X 15.75 ins
War Games
War Games, Acrylic, 43.25 X 35.5 ins
Courtyard, Acrylic, 26 X 22 ins
Serendipity, Acrylic, 43.25 X 35.5 ins
Angel of the North (Sculptor Antony Gorman)
Angel of the North (Sculptor Antony Gorman), Acrylic, 30 X 20 ins
Windowbox, Acrylic, 19.75 X 15.5 ins
Progress, Acrylic, 35 X 20.35 ins

Irish artist Jo Cummins, Dublin

Jo Cummins is a professional artist living and working in North County Dublin. With a background in graphic design and illustration she has been working full-time as a painter for many years. Her work is a celebration of colour. Her themes are eclectic, all images united by vivid hues and bold delineation.


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