Joe Ryder Irish artist, Donegal

The Third Last One
The Third Last One, oil on canvas, 59 x 42 cms
At Heaven's Gate Geatai na bhflaitheas
At Heaven's Gate Geatai na bhflaitheas, oil on canvas, 30 x 26 inches
Bringing Them Home
Bringing Them Home, Oil on Canvas board, 23 X 16 inches
View from the Dorleen towards Tory,Meenacladdy,Gweedore,Donegal
View from the Dorleen towards Tory,Meenacladdy,Gweedore,Donegal, Oil on stretched canvas, 12 x 15.5 inches
An Madadh Rua On Altnido
An Madadh Rua On Altnido, Oil on stretched canvas, 49.5 X 40 cm
Family Stroll Rosnowlagh Beach
Family Stroll Rosnowlagh Beach, Oils on Canvas, 51 x 42 cms
Shropshire Lads Under Beacon Light,Caer Carodoc
Shropshire Lads Under Beacon Light,Caer Carodoc, Oil on Box Canvas, 90 x 30 cms
Ballinakillew Mountain
Ballinakillew Mountain, Oil on canvas board, 59 x 42 cm
Paddy McCanns,Legmoylin,Co Armagh
Paddy McCanns,Legmoylin,Co Armagh, Oil on stretched canvas, 46 x 70 cm
Moos Aloud
Moos Aloud, Oil on stretched canvas, 40 x 40 cm
Turfs won Harvest Home
Turfs won Harvest Home, Acrylic on stretched canvas, 46 x 70 cm
7 Men and A Dog
7 Men and A Dog, Oil on stretched canvas, 35 x 76 cm

Irish artist Joe Ryder, Donegal

Joe Ryder, born 1960, Artist/Farmer/Designer living on Ballinakillew Mountain, Co Donegal. Ideas for paintings come from observing local surroundings and listening to local characters. Enjoy painting traditional country topics and scenes especially ones that are fast becoming history and forgotten. Live on a farm surrounded by hills, lakes and forestry, no shortage of inspiration.

Studied Art and applied design at Cleveland College of Art and Design,1979. worked as Interior and Exhibition designer in England, returned to live in Ireland in 2004, started painting 2012.

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