Madeleine Fadden Irish artist, Dublin

Kohlrabi, Oils, 50 x 60 cms
Landscape NZ
Landscape NZ, Oils, 70 x 100 cms
Poisoned glen
Poisoned glen, Oils, 70 x 100 cms
Kohlrabi, Oils, 60 x 60 cms
Beach,Kerry, Oils, 100 x 100 cms
Birch tree
Birch tree, Oils, 90 x 70 cms
Garden, Oils, 120 x 100 cms
Turnip, Oils, 90 x 90 cms

Irish artist Madeleine Fadden, Dublin

My work is all about the colors and shapes I find in nature. Sometimes I focus on landscape especially when I travel or hill walk. Often it's the flowers and vegetables I grow that inspire me. I typically work in oils but I also like to experiment. I am currently working towards my first exhibition and I am based in Dublin.

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