Dads Last Shoes, pastel stick
Dads Last Shoes, pastel stick, pencil and pan on Pastel Matt dark gray paper, 30 x 40 cm
Worn Out Shoes, Pen
Worn Out Shoes, Pen, pencil and stick pastels, 24 x 32 inches
Lydia First Shoes, Pen
Lydia First Shoes, Pen, pencil and stick pastels, 24 x 32 inches
Olives and Tomatoes
Olives and Tomatoes, pastel on sennelier pastel card, 32 x 24 cm
Pearl Earring after Caravaggio
Pearl Earring after Caravaggio, Carbothello pastel pencils, 24 X 32 cm
Paddy, carbothello pastel on sand pastel board, 51 x 33 cm
Lydia and Katie
Lydia and Katie, Carbothello pastel pencils on Dark Gray Sennelier Pastel Board, 52 x 60 cm
Pink Lady
Pink Lady, Carbothello pastel pencils on Sand pastel Board, 50 x 65 cm
Pears and Jug
Pears and Jug, oil paint, 40 x 30 cm
Lucy, pastel pencils, 45 x 32 cm
Jane, oil paint, 26 x 36 cm
After Dinner
After Dinner, water colour, 26 x 36 cm

Marie McKay, Dublin and Cavan, Irish Artist

I have recently discovered coloured pencils, which I love. I also love to draw portraits particularly those in the colours of the old masters. I am originally from Dublin but live in Cavan now. I spend most of my spare time drawing in order to become as skilled as I possible can with this medium and the portrait, figure.

I am now venturing into oil painting. I am going to try to perfect my use of this medium, sorry I am determined to perfect this medium. I am mostly interested in doing portraits, figurative, and still life. I love peoples faces and expressions, so that is what I look to capture.