Meall Quinn Irish artist, Donegal

A Puzzled Look
A Puzzled Look, Pen on Paper, A5
The Second Prophet
The Second Prophet, Hand Coloured Silk Screen Print, A5
Semi Helix
Semi Helix, Pen and Photoshop, A3
Untitled Flight
Untitled Flight, Pen on Paper, A5
Feminine Contour
Feminine Contour, Pen Photograph and Photoshop, A3
Spiral Self Portrait
Spiral Self Portrait, Pencil Photoshop, A3 ish
Twin, Pen Photoshop, A3 ish
Tracer Kiss
Tracer Kiss, Pen on Paper, A4
Hands On
Hands On, Hand Coloured Silk Screen Print, A5
Con Brio (with spirit)
Con Brio (with spirit), Pen on Paper, A3 ish
Alice (tom waits)
Alice (tom waits), Pen on Paper, A4
Duck Soup (groucho marx)
Duck Soup (groucho marx), Pen on Paper, A4

Irish artist Meall Quinn, Donegal

Donegal based artist, Meall Quinn, works intuitively in the medium of pen drawing. His work evolves from pen on paper to printmaking and digital imaging, being mirrored, flipped, rotated and coloured.

He unfolds an intricate visual journey into the subconscious, that always remains open to interpretation.

This broad spectrum approach is the unmistakable signature of an artist who embraces multi-media to express himself fully.

Celebrating 21 Years, promoting Irish Visual Art Online

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